How Autism Grew my Faith

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Stephanie has collected her teachings on Aspie/NT marriage into a 5 part DVD series. Also available is "Moving Beyond Surviving to Thriving: ASD issues that impact marriage & Family" and "Spectrum Teens and the Issues they face".

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Forgiveness: Out with the Old

Forgiveness is a difficult subject to discuss. As Christians we should be the best at it after all Christ forgave us a debt we could not pay and paid it through His own life.  This is the whole point of the Unforgiving Debtor parable. The Master forgave the first debtor his HUGE debt; then the debtor could not forgive another debtor of a small debt.   Jesus concludes, “The Heavenly Father will forgive you as you forgive others.” This line is mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Trust me as a counselor I get it that there is major trauma and trials that happen- that people hurt you intentionally and do not repent or take accountability.  A quote often attributed to Corrie Ten Boom ( who knew a little about suffering) is, “Forgiveness is setting the captive free and realizing you were the one being held captive.” It is one thing to overcome the situation that hurt you; it is another to forgive the person that caused the trauma or the harm.  Search for Significance by McGee tells us what FORGIVENESS IS NOT: It is not letting go of holding the person accountable, it is not allowing the same offense to keep occurring, it is not a single event in time it is a process, it is not denying what happened to you, it is not based on if the other person deserves it or asks for it, it is not forgetting. Forgiveness is a process that starts with a mental decision. It is not about the other person- it is about YOU- YOUR FREEDOM.  Luke 17:1-5 says, “‘It is impossible that no offenses will come to you.” We don’t often cross-stitch that promise and put it up on our walls in our home. But it is a promise Jesus spoke- we will be hurt. He promised “In this life you will have troubles, but I give you MY peace, that where I am there you shall also be.” So when we have hurt and trauma- He will be there for us. But your freedom from the hurt is dependent on YOUR willingness to forgive. Recommended readings: Bait of Satan by John Bevere and Search for Significance by Robert McGee. Forgive for YOUR sake.

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