How Autism Grew my Faith

A new book from Stephanie C. Holmes. Available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.
3 Topics now available on DVD
Stephanie has collected her teachings on Aspie/NT marriage into a 5 part DVD series. Also available is "Moving Beyond Surviving to Thriving: ASD issues that impact marriage & Family" and "Spectrum Teens and the Issues they face".

There are clips of the marriage sessions on youtube:

These videos can be ordered from the Appointments and Products tab.

Resources for Special Needs Families

After speaking on this subject a few times people ask me to list resources so as I read things or find resources I will add them.

Resources for Families/Clinicians

Helpful Websites:

For finding services to help diagnose and work with symptoms of ASD/Asperger’s:

For finding more information about ASD support:

For finding out about all things Asperger’s:

For finding a doctor near you to deal medically/holistically with ASD:

Available from the AACC: Books for Families and Clinicians

Caring for Kids and Teens God’s Way Curriculum: The entire curriculum is excellent, but those sessions that I found particularly helpful for this topic of special needs kids: CHAD 401, 402, 501, 101, and 201

H. Norman Wright’s Fears, Doubts, Blues, and Pouts is excellent for social stories with young kids- great for ADHD, ODD, ASD, OCD- especially ASD.

Dr. Sibcy & Dr. Clinton’s Attachments

Books helpful for ADHD, ODD, ASD:

Dancing with Max by Emily Colson

1-2-3 Magic by Phelan is a great book on behavior management.

Your defiant child by Barkley and Benton

Becoming a Master of Self- control: Meet Melly her color is MAD- by P. Goldberg is an excellent workbook families can do with their children or clinicians with clients.

How to really love your angry child by D. Ross Campbell

Social Skills Activities for Special Children by Darlene Mannix

Resources specifically for ASD/Asperger’s:

How to Talk to Parents about Autism by Roy Q. Sanders

Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments : Solutions for Meltdowns and Rage by Myles and Southwick

Social Skills Picture Book by Jed Baker is great for parents and clinicians to do with ASD kids and teens

Asperger’s by Tony Attwood (one of my favorites)

Understanding Asperger’s: A Guide for Teachers and Educators: Burrows and Wagner is a great read for parents to help their child and understand what is going on academically.

Social Stories by Carol Gray

Resources concerning Sensory Integration Issues: ALL kids with ASD/Asperger’s have sensory issues, but NOT all kids with sensory issues are ASD. Occupational Therapy is also a great resource.

Books on Sensory Issues:

Too loud, too bright, too fast, too tight: sensory defensiveness by Sharon Heller, PhD

The Out of Sync Child by Kranowitz & Miller

The Out of Sync Child Has Fun by Kranowitz is great for sensory activities at home.

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