How Autism Grew my Faith

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Who Are You?

On a recent vacation we rented Tim Burton’s new “Alice in Wonderland.”  The Disney cartoon version to me was eccentric, loony, spontaneous, and really had no point.  So, I was not thrilled to get it, but after a pretty good review from Plugged In Movie, I rented it because my kids really wanted to see it. Wonderland, or as we learn Underland, was eccentric and colorful as it was portrayed in the cartoon version but there was a major plot twist.  Alice had been there as a child.  Now she was much older.  The people of Underland knew Alice to be imaginative, creative, confident, kind etc.  When she left Underland the mean queen of hearts grew in power. There was a scroll that foretold Alice would be the only one who could defeat the queen and bring balance back to Underland.  So for many years, the white rabbit had been searching for Alice, and finds her at age 20 about to be engaged. When she arrives back in Underland she is unsure of herself, and does not believe she can do this huge task.  She struggles to believe she can fulfill her purpose- this task of saving Underland.  At one point in the movie, the mad hatter who is not as whimsical as he is in the cartoon, but more on the verge of despair/insanity turns to Alice and says, “You are different than the last time you were here- you have lost your MUCHNESS. You are not as MUCH as you once were.” It was that line that struck me.  How many Christians have lost their muchness and struggle with the thing they are called to do- their purpose? What if a person does not truly understand they were put on this earth by God for a purpose and with His might can accomplish this task?

Here is what I know about our enemy: 1) He does not want you to succeed. 2) He does not want to see the Kingdom of God Advance in any way. 3) He does not want you to have prosperity. He wants you be in bondage and to be hopeless.

Here are things I KNOW about God: 1) He loves us and wants us to be FREE and for us to prosper. 2) He wants to expand HIS Kingdom through us. 3) He has created each of us with a person.  4) Because He has a purpose for you, He has equipped you for that purpose.

It is easy for us to allow our personality, our past, childhood events, our environment, socioeconomic status, race, people, significant events, roles, position, or what others say, our success etc to define us. But none of these things DEFINE us.  God created YOU to be YOU with a purpose and plan and gifts you to be able to fulfill that plan.

We are all ministers. Some of us do it professionally as a paid church staff member, but all of us are called to minister to others. So I want to challenge you- what are you letting DEFINE you? If it is not God- you are reading the wrong definition beside your life. You have a purpose- don’t lose that MUCHNESS. Because we are all so MUCH more when we are in HIM.

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