The Ministry of Rev. Stephanie C. Holmes:

The ministry and counseling under Stephanie Holmes seeks to bring restoration and spiritual renewal to troubled lives.  The mission is to offer affordable Christian counseling to those in need and to glorify God in all that transpires during the counseling process.  The theoretical foundation upon which her eclectic use of various counseling skills is based is on that of cognitive-behavorial theory.  The cognitive-behavorial premise is that how one thinks affects one’s behavorial choices.  The techniques used focus on monitoring and identifying irrational thought patterns and habits and changing subsequent behaviors with the power given to us through the Holy Spirit.

I believe counseling begins with the an understanding that we are physiological, psychological, and spiritual persons.  Because of this belief, Christian principles are blended with compatible psychological techniques and theories in order to promote psychological, relational, and spiritual growth through counseling.

Counseling is a process that promotes positive change, but the overall decision to change and apply various techniques is the sole choice and responsibility of the counselee.  I provide counseling services for individuals, couples, and families.

I am also available to speak at woman’s groups or church groups.  My desire is for people to walk in freedom and overcome whatever may be in the past or what is going on in this present. The message I teach is one of hope and freedom and overcoming through the power of Jesus Christ.

In His Service,
Revmax (14 of 38)e. Stephanie C. Holmes, MA
Board Certified Christian Counselor

Certified Autism Specialist

Office visits are available at Church of Chapelhill- Dunwoody Campus

Dunwoody, GA 30338